About Scalp Doctors

We are the Premier Scalp Micropigmentation Training Program in the USA. Scalp Doctors was created to offer an exclusive certification program to SMP practitioners and permanent makeup artists looking to enhance their practice with advanced techniques in Scalp Micropigmentation. By working exclusively under the supervision of a large network of physicians around the world our Scalp Micropigmentation students earn the exclusive title of Scalp Micropigmentation Doctors.

Our quality standards are the highest in the world thus each of our students earns their certification in Blood Borne Pathogens through the International Board of Medicine & Surgery. Our students enjoy an ongoing apprenticeship with our master instructors, which includes the ongoing support and medical guidance of an entire team of physicians around the globe.

Use our Contact Us page to inquire about joining our organisation as a student SMD or a supervising physician.


Disclaimer: Our SMD graduates are not licensed to practice or prescribe medicine in the United States. Their pursuit of Medical licenses is individual and requires additional training and licensing in their respective states.